Drilling and submersible pumps

precedent Business

* Implementing a group of different wells and a maintenance contract for the National Poultry Company. * The implementation of Aabar Group by Faya Agricultural Development Company on the way to the worlds. * Executing a group of wells in Al-Zamel Al-Zoulat Company * Implementing Aabar group and designing an irrigation network at the African Flower Company for Agricultural Development in Minya. * Executing wells using a method of rotary drilling, supplying and operating of 150-horsepower, to run pivots for Al-Majd Agricultural Investment Company. * Implementation of a group of wells in the book village company. * Implementation of Aabar Group at K.O.K Real Estate Investment Company, on the company's farm, Cairo Alexandria Desert Road. * Executing the wells of Kerf Design Company, the general site for contracting, on the company's farm in Ismailia. * Implementation of a group of wells of various depths for Al-Diab Agricultural Development Company. * Executing a group of wells at the Atia Steel Company farms site. * Disinfection and drilling of wells at the agriculture site of Al-Nour Import and Export.

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